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November, 27  2013

Regional Science Conference with international participation “Primitive archaeology of the Russian Far East and adjacent regions of East Asia: contemporary condition and perspectives of the development” went off November 18 – 20, 2013, at the conference hall of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East FEB RAS.

Two researchers of Far East Geological Institute FEB RAS, Dr. V.K. Popov and Dr. E.A. Nozdrachev, took part at the conference. At the section “The methods of natural sciences in primitive archaeology of the Far East” they presented their report “The use of X-ray microprobe and X-ray fluorescence analyzes for solving geoarchaeological problems (by studies of obsidian and precious metals from archaeological sites of Primorye)”, prepared in collaboration with archaeologists Dr. N.A.Kluyev and I.Y.Sleptsov. The meeting also heard reports of researchers from different institutes of the FEB RAS -  Dr. V.A. Rakov, Dr. E.A. Bessonova, and O.A. Elovskaya, Pacific Oceanological Institute, Dr. V.E. Panasenko, Institute of Biology and Soil Science, and others.

Final roundtable meeting has noted the importance of participation of various specialists: geologists, volcanologists, geographers, physicists and chemists in geoarchaeological studies. It was highlighted that in the increased globalization of science, many scientific problems could be solved only in case of interdisciplinary studies requiring application of different areas of knowledge.


November, 12 2013

Department on Earth Sciences RAS
Far East Branch RAS
Far East Geological Institute FEB RAS
Institute of Volcanology and Seismology FEB RAS
Geophysical Center RAS
International Conference

Modern Information Technologies

in the Earth Sciences

Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka
September 8-13,  2014 


Welcome to Kamchatka in September 2014 !



November,12 2013

M6.6 - 172km S of Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

Information >>> USGS National Earthquake Information Center (page  >>> )


November, 5 2013

From 9 to 21 October 2013 the staff of Far East Geological Institute of FEB RAS – V.V.Golozubov, S.A.Kasatkin, A.I.Malinovskiy - went to a academic trip to Vietnam for taking part in II Science-based Symposium of Marine Geology, which was organized to 20 anniversary of Marine Geology and Geophysics Institute of Vietnamese Academy of Sciences and Technologie.
V.V.Golozubov made a report called "The Geodynamic Mechanizm of Marginal Seas: Implication of the East Vietnam Sea and Sea of Japan". V.V.Golozubov was bestowed with a commemorative medal from the president of Vietnamese Academy of Sciences for the contribution to the development of Marine Geology and Geophysics Institute. Field excursion to the districts of Halong was organized after the symposium. The structural study of Katba Island also was prolonged.


Febrary, 4   2013


Volcano Plosky Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Russia, 2012360° Aerial Panorama. Open Aerial Panorama (high resolution)


Febrary, 4   2013

On January 29 th , Far East Geological Institute FEB RAS received short get-to-know visit of foreign delegation consisting of participants  of the 21st Annual Meeting of the APPF having been held in Vladivostok, on the Russian Island. The guests
represented science foundations of their countries in Asia-Pacific region: Taiwan, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, and Indonesia, so the visit could matter very much to the Institute because it has not got any long-term treaties or projects (at the interacademy agreement level) with no one of these countries.


August, 7  2012

According to the Ranking Web of World Research Centers July 2012 Edition (
http://research.webometrics.info), the FEGI FEB RAS web-site (http://www.fegi.ru) is ranked 1891st on the World List, 54th on the Russian Federation List, 45th on the Russian Academy of Sciences List, and the first position in the Far Eastern Branch of the RAS.



July,12   2012

On the XV glaciological Symposium "Modern variability of the Earth Cryosphere" (4-7 June 2012, Arkhangelsk Сity)

June  4-7, 2012,  in Arkhangelsk  was held the XV Glaciological Symposium "Modern variability of the Earth cryosphere" chaired by Academician Kotlyakov V.M. (the official site of the symposium
http://glac2012.igras.ru). The organizers of the symposium were glaciological association with the Institute of Geography RAS and the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. The  symposium was attended by over than 100 scientists and experts from almost 50 organizations of Russia, Germany, Switzerland, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. During  the symposium were considered issues on various aspects of glaciology (snow cover and glaciers of Arctic, avalanches and mud flows, river and sea ice, ground ice and frazil, mountain glaciers, Antarctic Research). 
Seven  employees of the avalanche and mudflow processes laboratory of Sakhalin  branch FEGI FEB RAS took part in the symposium. They presented five verbal and four poster reports devoted to the research of snow cover and  avalanches in the Sakhalin region.


June,21   2012

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