FEGI FEB RAS has a successful education program for post-graduate students. The program realizes the third level of higher education for top-qualification personnel training 05.06.01 “Earth Sciences” with specializations in general and regional geology; geotectonic and geodynamics; petrology, volcanology; mineralogy, crystallography; lithology; geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral deposit prospecting; geology, solid minerals prospecting, minerogeny; environmental geology.

The Institute has a vigorous, functional Scientific Council D 005.006.01 that awards scientific degrees in several disciplines: 25.00.01 - general and regional geology (geological and mineralogical sciences); 25.00.04 - petrology, volcanology (geological and mineralogical sciences); 25.00.11 - geology, solid minerals prospecting, minerogeny (geological and mineralogical sciences).